How do I join the Suffern Fire Department?

Both Companies hold training drills on Monday evenings, starting at 7PM. Members seeking to join the department are strongly encouraged to attend.  

All prospective members must obtain and file an application to join one of the two companies - Suffern Volunteer Hose Co #1 or Suffern Hook & Ladder Co #1. 

Ask for the Company President or Captain.

For additional information, please contact the Chief's office at 845-357-6066 

What are the primary responsibilities of the Hose Company?

At fire and accident scenes, members of the Hose Company are primarily responsible for locating and extinguishing the fire, obtaining a source of water to sustain fire fighting operations, and assisting the Hook & Ladder with their operations, as needed.

What are the primary responsibilities of the Hook & Ladder Company?

At fire scenes, members of the Hook & Ladder are primarily responsible for forcible entry, search & rescue, ladder operations, ventilation, salvage and overhaul. Assistance will also be given to the Hose Company, on an as needed basis. At accident scenes, this company is responsible for using the Jaws of Life to rescue victims from vehicles.